Be waterpolo my friend...

After analyzing the founders of BWMF about the proliferation of tournaments waterpolo outside the federal level, they concluded that there currently was no tournament training internationally to young people, in order to give them continuity and evolution in sport.

That's why Be Water My Friend Association had the idea of organizing a tournament in order to give the opportunity to compete to players of these ages of different nationality and sharing different experiences all together. Following the main concept of promotion and development of water polo, the Association works in order to spread and promote water polo all over the world.

In September 2013 took place the I BWMF Cup with the participation of 32 teams from 6 different countries, for the children category (12-13 years) and junior category (14-15 years). Since then, there have been two more editions.

BWMF 2016 gran

3 bwmf cup

II andorra bwmf cup

BWMF 2013 gran