Summary of the 3rd BWMF Cup / 2015-09-08

The 3rd BWMF Cup ended with the participation of a total of 53 teams from different nationalities, 21 in Under 13 category, 20 in Under 15 male category and 12 Under 15 female category. Nearly 700 players and more than 100 coaches and managers were at the Swimming Pool of Lloret de Mar.

In this third edition we have had teams from Croatia, Scotland, Spain, Hungary, England, Italy and Portugal. It's been almost two hundred matches played, including all categories and more than 2,000 goals scored. We have been enjoying a great semifinal and final, in all categories.

In this third edition, the Olympic championSalvador Gómez "chava" wanted to join us and shared his experiences with participants of the Under 15 tournament. We really appreciate his participation and interest in this competition. His words were certainly a big draw for players.

We also want to thank all the technical staff, referees and volunteers who selflessly worked to ensure that the tournament has been successful. Without them, it would not be possible.

Winner Waterball World Festival 2015 / 2015-07-05

The winner of the Waterball World Festival's second edition, held last week in Rosolina (Italy) in the Under 13's category, has been the team Arechi Salerno.

Under the partnership agreement between BWMF and Sport Fair Play & Fun, organizer of the Waterball World Festival, the winner of the tournament will participate next September in the 3rd edition of the BWMF Cup.

In the same way, the winning club of the BWMF Cup's 3rd edition, in the Under 13's category, could participate for free in the 3rd edition of the Waterball World Festival, on 2016.

Technical Committee / 2015-05-05

The Be Water My Friend Association has created a Technical Committee that will support the Association's Board. The purpose of this Committee is to mark the guidelines and the possible future actions, with the idea to develop a global and international project, complying with the objectives of the Association.

The Committee was constituted on March 20 2015 and is composed of the following people:


- on behalf of the Association:

    * Jordi Setó

    * Alex Corres

    * Juan Carlos Sanchón


- as other representatives:

    * Javier Aznar      SANT ANDREU             * Dídac Corbacho      TERRASSA             * Beto Fernández     ESCUT Mataro


    * Daniel Gómez   Logo CNRubi RGB           * Sergi Pedrerol         MOLINS               * Ferran Plana         SANTFELIU

    * Marc Comas      


The Technical Committee's Chairman, which was appointed by majority, is Mr. Sergi Pedrerol.


We should be noted the interest shown by all the constituent members of the Committee and thank them for their selfless co-operation on this project.

Partnership agreement between sport fair play&fun and bwmf / 2014-05-20

SPORT FAIR PLAY&FUN and BWMF have established a cooperation agreement aimed at promoting youth water polo worldwide. The two associations have common purposes and some of its activities are the tournaments's organization and conducting exchanges of experiences for children aged between 7 and 15 years.

The SPORT FAIR PLAY&FUN organizes an international water polo tournament, the WaterBall World Festival, for children under 10 and 13, to be held from 1 to 5 July 2014 in the Tizè village in Rosolina (Rovigo - Italy).

The agreement between the two associations provides, between other issues, that the winning team of the tournament WaterBall World Festival "Under 13" Rosolina will participate in the II Andorra BWMF Cup, to be held from August 30 to September 3, 2014 .