Collaboration agreement with Atelier Photo / 2017-07-31

The BWMF Association has reached a collaboration agreement with the photography studio ATELIER PHOTO, in order to be the official photographer of the next BWMF tournaments.

The firm has a large experience in the photography sector, and especially in sports. He collaborates for years with different written and digital media.

All the photos taken during the tournaments will be available through the website

V BWMF Cup groups / 2017-06-16

These are the groups of the V BWMF Cup, Under 13 (mixed) and Under 15 (female & male) categories:

Read more: V BWMF Cup groups

Open the registration period for the V BWMF Cup / 2017-02-20


The registration period starts on 20th February and will finish on 15th April 2017. For the concession of places will be taken into account the fact of having participated in the previous edition.

The schedule is as follows:

- Pre-registration for participants in the lastest edition: from 20th February to 5th March. In case of not formalizing the registration in this period, they will lose their right of reservation and will enter to the general period like the rest of the teams.

- Teams that have not participated in the IV BWMF Cup: from 6th March to 15th April 2017.

It's necessary to pay the entry fee for the formalization of the registration and its consequent reservation of place. Taking into account hat places are limited, sign-up will be made by order of registration. In case of covering all the places, a waiting list will be opened.

In the "BWMF Cup" section of this website, you will find all the information of the tournament and the necessary documentation for registration.

We suggest to do the entries as soon as possible.

Winners IV BWMF Cup Junior / 2016-12-30


In the women's category, the girls of the CN Rubí were proclaimed champion of the IV BWMF Cup Junior. It was a very close match between two great teams, the CN Rubí and the CN Terrassa. The girls of Rubí were during all the match ahead of the score and, although the ones of Terrassa approached, they could not beat to those of Rubí.

On the other hand, in the men's category, the CN Barcelona was proclaimed champion against CE Mediterrani. After a hard semifinals matches for both teams, in the final the CN Barcelona was soon ahead in the marker that allowed the team to take an advantage until the end of the match.

The third places were for the CN Sant Feliu in the female category and the CN Terrassa for the male.

As for the ideal team of both categories, the winners were:

FEMALE                                           MALE                                           
 Paula Rutgers (CN Rubí)  Unai Aguirre (CN Barcelona) Farré (CN Sabadell)  Oriol Rodríguez (CN Terrassa)
 Ariadna Ruiz (CN Rubí)  Fran Valera (CN Barcelona)
 Marta Manchego (CN Sant Feliu)  Francesco Croxatto (Roma Zero9)
 Laia Soriano (CN Rubí)  Tadija Latinovic (Partizan VK)
 Olga Descalzi (CN Terrassa)  Joan Tardio (CN Barcelona)
 Marta Jaime (Leioa WLB)  Marc Figueroa (CE Mediterrani)                   
 COACH: Manolo Suárez (CN Sant Feliu)             COACH: Kenta Shirahama